Types of First Aid

  • Emergency First Aid – includes the content for Basic First Aid involving life threatening injuries. Focus is on Airway, Breathing and Circulatory emergencies and prevention of such.  This course comes with CPR A (Adult skills) or CPR C (Adult, Child and Infant skills).
  • Standard First Aid – the most common course taken. Required by most employers, preferred by parents.  All content of the Emergency First Aid is covered as well as wound care, head neck and spine injuries and more.  This course comes with CPR A (Adult skills) or CPR C (Adult, Child and Infant skills).
  • Child Care First Aid – meant for Dayhome/Daycare Providers. Covers the content for Standard First Aid plus additional content for Childhood Illnesses and Safety.  Comes with a level B CPR (Adult, Child and Infant skills).
  • Baby Sitter Course – ages 11-15. Designed for pre-teens and teens.  Basic first aid and safety skills are taught.  Focus of this course is preventing and responding to emergencies should they occur while babysitting.  This course also offers youth the training to promote themselves as a babysitter to prospective parents.
  • Home Alone Course – ages 9-12. Designed for kids staying home for a short period of time.  Focus is on safety and responding to emergencies.
  • Psychological First Aid - Psychological First Aid is a resiliency building wellness program that equips individuals in supporting themselves and others to cope with the effects of stress, loss, trauma and grief.

Achieve First Aid also offers Advanced First Aid Courses (First Responder, Advanced First Aid, and Emergency Medical Responder).  Contact us today to get more information.

Emergency and Standard First Aid classes now available ONLINE as a Blended Learning option!