Fundraising Program

Thank you for choosing Achieve First Aid to aid you in your fundraising needs.

Achieve First Aid believes that everyone can benefit from first aid knowledge.  When the classes are sold a portion of the sales goes to your group.  The classes and kits are purchased from your participant’s friends, family, coaches, co-workers, etc.  The fundraising value of each class or kit returned to you is included in your Leader Package.

Participants will collect payment at the time of sale.  If any purchasers would prefer to pay Achieve First Aid directly they may contact Kim to do so.   Email addresses are collected to issue receipts, phone numbers are collected as backup to confirm addresses of returned emails.

Each participant will receive a reference sheet for the courses offered and an envelope to collect their sales orders.  The order sheets will be included in their envelopes and can be photocopied as more are needed.  One order form per purchaser please.

It is recommended to host friendly competition between classmates or teams as a form of encouragement.

The deadline to submit orders will be set by you the Fundraiser Leader.  This program can run for a few weeks or for the entire length of your program year (in this case orders will be collected from you once per month).

The gift cards for the classes will be issued within the week of Achieve First Aid collecting the order forms from you.  The kits will take 2-4 weeks to deliver due to the shipping times.

You will receive a breakdown of each item sold by each participant.  This makes it easy to track your top sales person or assign the funds to the individual.

I encourage you, your participants, and purchasers to contact Achieve First Aid with any questions or to aid in the sales process.

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